Risk Management

  • The Amara Risk Management Team is number one in translating risk management into tactical operational objectives.  The Amara Risk Management Team takes a logical approach to identifying, assessing, and prioritizing the probability of events occurring that positively impact (opportunities) or negatively impact (threats) the successful outcome of a project.  Almost every endeavor carries some risk. The Amara Risk Team quantifies business risks and then coordinates measures and resources to minimize, monitor, control and reduce the probability and/or impact of threats and maximize the realization of opportunities.   The Amara Risk Team:

    • Evaluates costs, benefits, legal requirements, socioeconomic and environmental factors
    • Mitigates concerns of stakeholders to enable productivity to take place in a consistent and controlled environment
    • Improves decision making, planning and prioritization by providing a comprehensive and structured understanding of the risk exposure
    • Contributes to a more efficient use and allocation of resources
    • Optimizes operational efficiency
    • Ensures that the appropriate stakeholders are informed of threats and opportunities
    • Creates a clear risk management policy that reflects management philosophy and organization business requirements

    The Amara Risk Team focuses on the management of risk to protect and add the maximum sustainable value to client’s operational performance.  Whatever your reason for initiating a project, whether it’s to achieve strategic goals, realize a business opportunity, adhere to a new regulation, create efficiencies, improve processes or take advantage of new technology; Amara Enterprise, LLC welcomes the opportunity to provide your organization Information Technology services and support.