Quality Planning

  • The Amara Quality Planning (QP) Team maximizes our client’s Return on Investment (ROI) by identifying best practices, regulations and quality standards relevant to the mission and objective at hand.  One of the most common causes for project failure is poor quality management. To prevent this type of failure, the Amara QP Team clearly defines a quality framework inclusive of key stakeholders at the beginning of the project to ensure quality standards are met.  The benefits of the quality framework and acceptance criteria developed by the Amara QP Team are:

    • Less rework
    • Higher productivity
    • Lower project costs
    • Greater client satisfaction

    The Amara QP Team prepares action plans to counter any deficiencies in the project execution.  Whatever your reason for initiating a project, whether it’s to achieve strategic goals, realize a business opportunity, adhere to a new regulation, create efficiencies, improve processes or take advantage of new technology; Amara Enterprise, LLC welcomes the opportunity to provide your organization Information Technology services and support.