Quality Control

  • At Amara, Quality and Service go Hand-in-Hand!  The Amara Quality Control (QC) Team is a Top-Notch Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Team that strategically evaluates project deliverables assuring quality standards are attained and client requirements are met.  The Amara QC Team has the business savvy, technical prowess and analytical magnitude to determine whether project deliverables are in alignment with the project scope and the adopted quality standards.   The Amara QC Team analyzes, reviews, inspects, and tests every aspect of the project from inception to completion to uncover defects and nonconformance.   The Amara QC Team develops white-box and black-box testing scenarios and provides an unbiased evaluation of deliverables, thus adding outstanding value and integrity to the reporting of the project’s ability to produce the quality expected.  The Amara QC Team:

    • Provides an objective assessment of products and processes throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Facilitates the early detection and correction of errors
    • Enhances insight into risks
    • Ensures compliance with project performance, schedule, and budget requirements.

    The Amara QC Team delivers an objective professional opinion that identifies high-risk areas early in the project which improves client’s visibility into the progress and quality being produced allowing for mitigation or the preparation of contingencies.  At Amara, Quality and Service go Hand-in-Hand, as does early detection and reducing project costs.  Whatever your reason for initiating a project, whether it’s to achieve strategic goals, realize a business opportunity, adhere to a new regulation, create efficiencies, improve processes or take advantage of new technology; Amara Enterprise, LLC welcomes the opportunity to provide your organization Information Technology services and support.