Professional Coaching

  • The Amara Coaching Team uses transformational coaching to bring out the best in employees while generating the highest value for the organization. The Amara Coaching Team’s transformational approach builds confidence, promotes personal development, creates quality and adds significant value to the organization.  Amara coaches promote a healthy competition across all lines of business.  The Amara Coaching Team’s programs increase:

    • Job satisfaction and employee morale
    • Employee motivation
    • Efficiencies in processes
    • Capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
    • Innovation in strategies and products
    • Employee retention
    • Company visibility

    The Amara Coaching Team takes development to a new level; capitalizing on human nature and friendly competition.  The Amara Coaching Team creates programs that have a positive effect on an organization and the personal lives of its staff.   Whether your coaching needs are to achieve strategic goals, realize a business opportunity, adhere to a new regulation, create efficiencies, improve processes or take advantage of new technology; Amara Enterprise, LLC welcomes the opportunity to provide your organization Information Technology services and support.