The Amara Team of Professionals leads by example with core values of Hard-work, Integrity, Trust, Respect and Accountability. At Amara, our clients come first and we don't compromise on quality. The Amara Team provides the Information Technology services and solutions our clients need to preserve investments and prevail in meeting the increasing demands of this millennium. 

The Amara Enterprise Team consists of a diversified multifaceted group of professionals with an excellent understanding of trends and the integration of state-of-the-art technologies and strategies.  The Amara Enterprise, LLC creates a synergistic environment to innovate, identify opportunities, increase efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of delivering quality services and solutions.

Working with Amara Enterprise, LLC ensures that you will benefit from the thread we have woven through all of Team Amara: Hard-work, Integrity, Trust, Respect and Accountability (HIT-RA).

Management Services

  • Project Management

    The Amara Team of Project Management Professionals holds PMI international certifications and uses proven industry standards for traditional and agile project management methodologies. The Amara PMP Team protects your investment by delivering with speed efficiency and ingenuity. Read More

  • Transformation Management

    The Amara Team of Transformation Specialists' competitive edge is its integration of Transition Management as a key component for moving our clients in new directions that improve quality, reduce costs and effectively utilizes resources.Read More

  • Transition Management

    The Amara Transition Management Team provides a holistic approach to managing projects and its stakeholders. The Amara Transition Team focuses on the reorientation and redefinition of the organization and its stakeholders to ensure our clients are ready and equipped to embrace transformations and changes in culture, norms and values. Read More

  • Risk Management

    The Amara Risk Management Team is Number One in translating Risk Management strategies into tactical and operational objectives. We identify risks and mitigation factors that add sustainable value to our clients missions and objectives. Read More

Solution Services

  • Amara Solutions

    The Amara Solution Delivery Team positively impacts our client’s bottom line.  The Amara Delivery Team develops and implements innovative strategies that improves processes, automates manual activities and focuses on the elimination of waste and the effective utilization of resources. Read More

  • Quality Services

    Quality Planning

    At Amara, Quality and Service go hand-in-hand.  The Amara QP Team uses industry standards, principles and best practices to identify quality standards relevant to our client’s mission to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). Read More

  • Quality Control

    The Amara Quality Control Team is a Top-Notch Independent Verification & Validation Team.  The Amara QC Team has the business savvy, technical prowess and superior analytical skills to determine whether or not project deliverables are in alignment with the project scope and the quality standards adopted by our clients. Read More

  • Quality Assurance

    The Amara QA Team generates considerable client savings in cost and time because we properly set stakeholder expectations, identify processes that add value to the operational environment and provide our clients with a confirmation of the quality being delivered. Read More

Professional Development Services

  • Professional Training

    The Amara Training Team gives our client’s the tools they need to gain or maintain a competitive edge.  The Amara Trainers use best practices, Train-the-Trainer principles, methodologies and curricula to ensure that our clients are prepared to perform their mission and meet the demands of today’s fast-paced environment. Read More

  • Professional Coaching
  • The Amara Coaching Team uses Transformational Coaching to develop a culture of High-Performance and Continuous Improvement.  The Amara coaches focus on building a foundation of success and performance teams with an edge. Read More