Quality Program

At Amara Enterprise, LLC we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by following our Quality Program consisting of Quality Control standards and principles promulgated by Project Management Institute (PMI). We ensure Quality is built in every phase of product, solution and service we provide.  Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control process supports continuous mentoring and the tracking of performance, thereby reducing program redundancy and waste. We use customer requirements, rules, and standards, Amara policy, and lessons learned to develop our Quality Program. Our Quality Program methods and procedures support standardization, which enables us to deliver quality solutions and services--reliably, consistently, and effectively. Our Quality Program methods are similar to Six Sigma’s Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control/ Correct (DMAIC) project methodology: Our Quality Program procedures ensure products, solutions and services performed for our client's adhere to defined quality metrics and meet the client requirements.First, we determine from the Task Order requirements the service standards we will meet. Then, we define the metrics against which the standards are assessed. Next, progress reports and customer satisfaction data are reviewed against these metrics by our Project Managers. The Project Managment Office then conducts a trend analysis and assesses contract performance impacts. The Program Manager confers with our Executive Team and recommends quality improvements and corrective actions. And, finally, the Quality Control process is continual, assessing the impact of the implemented corrective actions. Our Quality Control plan also includes a process improvement plan which details the steps we take to analyze our processes to identify waste and non-value added activity, increasing our ability to rapidly respond to client requirements.
All of our employees and Team Members are trained on the importance of quality, their role in quality management, what our expectations are, what we measure, and how we measure it. Through our IMPACT Awards program, we recognize and reward employees who consistently deliver high quality services, discover areas where improvements are needed, or who take the initiative to implement process improvements on their own. We know our Team is the first line of quality control for our clients and support our delivery of high quality services that we monitor and control effectively. The tools we use to monitor and track the quality of our deliverables are the quality baseline and metrics, and supporting checklists. The baseline records the quality objectives for our client support team. It is the basis for measuring and reporting quality performance. The correlation between our Quality Control procedures and our client's program requirements Support Services Team are demonstrated in the quality metrics we propose for our contract support. Metrics allow us to quickly identify and resolve any deviation from optimum contract performance and provide clients with transparency to our contract performance status. A key element to our successful Quality Program key is the timeliness and efficiency with which we address problems. We will provideour clients with immediate and effective corrective action to problems, escalating problems to the appropriate level of decision maker within the client's organization and within Amara as necessary. Our contract reports include any problem identification, risks associated with the problem, the resolution or escalation, and the time to closure. Our clients will have a complete status of the health of the program to facilitate informed decisions.